CloudBuild is Microsoft’s cloud-based, distributed and caching build and test service. CloudBuild can host arbitrary build engines, as long they support a precise IO contract for each project to build. For traditional build languages like Make and MsBuild CloudBuild has shown to reduce build and test times by 4-10X.

Domino is a modern build language and engine, supporting fine grained dependencies enabling super fast, incremental and reliable builds. Domino’s build language is a subset of TypeScript, which is easy to author and debug.

CodeFlow. CodeFlow is Microsoft’s de-facto code review system. It streamlines the process of comparing code iterations and enables developers to collaborate on code reviews in real time.

VSO Artifact Services: Builds produce plenty of data: drops, packages, symbols, test results, etc. Artifact services are a cloud backed store in VSO providing deduplicated ingress/egress and optionally differential compression.

CodeMine  provides rich engineering data infrastructure and analysis for source code changes, software bugs, code reviews, and testing to product groups across Microsoft.

VSO Enterprise Analytics takes CodeMine or VSO data, curates and further analysis it, and makes them available for self service to 3rd and 1st party customers.

@ RiSE

LINQ:  Language integrated queries? Earlier version: CΩ: Adding structural types, queries and join patterns to C# How do we improve on writing three-tier business applications, in particular how to integrate SQL and XML into C#?

TPL: Task Parallel Library. How can we expose potential parallelism and exploit it efficiently if the opportunity arises?

Formula: Foundations for Model-driven Engineering. How to describe, analyze, compose and transform domain specific languages?

VCC: A Verifier for Concurrent C. How to verify low level concurrent C programs like operating systems?

SPUR: A tracing just-in-time compiler for Microsoft’s Common Intermediate Language. Does tracing work for arbitrary languages?

Spec#: Design by Contract for C#. How to verify object invariants of sequential OO programs in the presence of inheritance, call backs, and aliases?

TPL: Task Parallel Library. How can we expose potential parallelism and exploit it efficiently if the opportunity arises?

SpecExplorer: Model-based testing for Protocols . How to develop and run conformance tests for state-based distributed protocols?

Pex: Whitebox testing for .NET. How to generate a minimal test suite with maximal coverage?