Wolfram Schulte

I am currently working as an engineer in Core Systems at Facebook. Core Systems runs all of Facebook’s backend services. My present focus is help Facebook scale better by refining its sharding, scheduling and load-balancing systems.

Before Facebook, I have been  a director of engineering at Microsoft‘s Cloud and Enterprise division, Redmond, USA, where I have managed the Tools for Software Engineers (TSE) team, Microsoft’s main investment into building a single world class engineering system, addressing everything from code review, via build, test, and program analysis, to engineering insights. TSE tools and services are used by more than thirty-five thousand developers within Microsoft.

Prior to TSE, I managed the Research in Software Engineering (RiSE) team in Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA. RiSE is one of the world’s top software engineering research groups with particular emphasis on formal methods, programming languages and empirical software engineering.

My research interests include:

  • software development tools, ranging from build, via program verification and analysis, to automated test,
  • software engineering analytics, ranging from collecting data to prediction,
  • programming languages, ranging from language design to runtimes,
  • distributed systems, focusing on making distributed systems scale.

I love building tools. I co-authored papers and build prototypes for many tools that Microsoft ships, including Linq, CodeContracts, Task Parallel Library, IntelliTest (Pex) and SpecExplorer. I also co-developed the experimental program verifiers Spec# and VCCand the DSL framework Formula. For papers, see below.

I am the recipient of the 2016 Harlan D. Mills Award for “Research and research leadership contributions leading to major theoretical and practical advances in software verification”.

Before joining MSR in 1999, I worked at the University of Ulm (1993-1999), at sd&m, a German software company (1992-1993), and at the Technical University Berlin (1987-1992).